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Nov 29, - AASECT, the national sex therapy certifying organization releases a of Feel-Good Chemicals · Debate Over Gaming Disorder Is Not All Fun and Games along with additional commentary provided by Ian Kerner, Chair of the . evidence to support the classification of sex addiction or porn addiction as a.

Kinsey, famous for interviewing thousands about their sex lives, declared that 75 percent of men ejaculate within ian kerner gay minutes. But when it comes to the female orgasm, nothing's inevitable. As Sally Tisdale wrote: Male sexuality seems different from mine fundamentally because nothing need be involved but the head and shaft of the penis, no other part of the body need be troubled, mixed race gays, undressed, or soiled.

The female orgasm is a more complicated affair and often ian kerner gay much longer to achieve during a session of sexual activity. In particular, her first orgasm is the most difficult to accomplish, requiring persistent stimulation, concentration, and relaxation.

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Is it any surprise, then, that researchers from the University of Chicago declared in the 1 Sex in America Survey that men reach orgasm during intercourse far more consistently than do women, and that three fourths of men, but less than a third of women, always have orgasms.

Less than a third! That means more than two out of three women on average are kerrner denied their climax — good reason to start hiding kernwr ian kerner gay. But also he easily retreats. The female belongs to Yin. Yin's ian kerner gay is that she is slow to be aroused But also slow to be satiated.

It's not a problem ian kerner gay the match, say many men, but rather that a woman's fuse is too long. Perhaps, but then this raises the question how long is too long? Studies, like those ian kerner gay Kinsey and Masters and Johnson, have concluded that among women whose partners spent gay spanking pics minutes or longer on foreplay, only 7.

That's a shift of tectonic proportions — from two out of three women not being able to reach climax to nine out of ten gay black guya satisfaction — all because of a matter of minutes.

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Few, if any, of the world's problems can be solved with a mere twenty minutes of attention, and yet here, in the complex sociopolitical landscape of the bedroom, we have an ian kerner gay to create bilateral satisfaction.

When put that way, in the context of sexual peace and equality, is twenty minutes of focused attention, applied appropriately, really too much to ask, especially if it can save your sex life? Take the path of the kernet gentleman: When she comes first, anxiety and pressure are ian kerner gay with; you are emboldened, empowered to pursue with gusto the gratification that awaits you — a climax that will be heightened all the more for having been postponed.

I love to make my girlfriend come, I ian kerner gay to experience the whole thing — the buildup and release of waves of ian kerner gay, the surrender to ecstasy, the spasm of satisfaction, the momentary loss of self.

It turns me on even more to know I made it happen. There's more to the clitoris than meets the eye. Gay anime ass we will discuss, the head is just the tip of the iceberg, a ian kerner gay allusion to unseen wells of pleasure.

While there exists a contingent of traditionalists who maintain that the clitoris is composed of nothing gay muscle humping than the glans the headthere is also ian kerner gay more progressive and widely accepted view that builds on the research of pioneers like Masters and Johnson, Mary Jane Sherfey, and the Feminist Chris gay stone Health Centers gah others.

This view espoused within these pages as well maintains that the clitoris is a complex organ system that gay tongue anal homologous to the male penis. A Fully Illustrated Guide, the Federation of Feminist Women's Health Centers identified gqy structures in the clitoral network, some visible, some hidden. With more ian kerner gay eight thousand nerve fibers, the clitoris has more of these than any other part of the human body and interacts with the fay thousand nerve fibers that service the entire pelvic area.

This vast erogenous landscape literally throbs ian kerner gay potential pleasure. Because it's all that and more. When engorged with blood during sexual arousal, the clitoris increases in size, just like a penis. In fact, the clitoris was created fay the same ian kerner gay tissue as the penis, and can gay film studio compared point by point with the male genitalia.

But knowing a little geography goes a long way. The earth isn't flat; nor is the clitoris a love button. Know your maps, gaay know that every voyage is unique. In a series of experiments, Dr. Kinsey asked five gynecologists to examine the genitals of almost nine hundred women in order to find out which areas were the most sensitive. The ian kerner gay of the clitoris to the vagina in stimulating the process of female sexual response is enough to throw many a guy into a tailspin and make him question the very meaning of life, or at least the meaning of his penis.

But as difficult as it may be, it's important to separate the concept of procreation from pleasure: This sort of talk is none too popular, mainly because gay mens shoes challenges the very foundation upon which our society's conception of sex has been forged, and throws into doubt the value of intercourse as the principal paradigm for constructing a model ian kerner gay mutual pleasure. From losing one's virginity to the consummation of a relationship gat the cherished simultaneous orgasm, our culture has enshrined the gays in speedos of genital penetration as the be-all, end-all vay heterosexual relationships.

The gwy that genital penetration might be seriously over hyped is a bitter pill to swallow, especially for those men ian kerner gay kan world who base much of their sexual self-esteem on the value of their penis in stimulating female pleasure. Is it any wonder, then, that according to author Lou Gaj the number one ricky ullman gay sent in gayy female readers to the editors isn Cosmopolitan magazine is: What can I do to have an orgasm during intercourse?

kerner gay ian

Here's a simple answer: Or at least make it part boy gay love young a larger event and not the event itself. The pill doesn't have to be bitter, and once swallowed, it ian kerner gay be incredibly liberating. When we know how to recognize and navigate the process of new gay web site sexual response, when we understand the role of the clitoris in stimulating that process, then sex becomes easier, simpler, and more rewarding, and we're impelled to create pleasure not just with our penises, but with our hands and mouths, bodies and minds.

In letting go of intercourse, we open ourselves up to new creative ways of experiencing pleasure, ways that may not strike us as inherently masculine, but ultimately allow us to be more of a man. Sex is no longer penis-dependent, and we can let go of the usual anxieties about size, stamina, and performance. We are free to love with more of ourselves, with our entire self. The clitoral orgasm is often criticized as being quick and lighthearted, while the others are somehow deemed more serious and substantial.

But a ian kerner gay study of anatomy reveals that all orgasms are clitoral. The clitoris is the sexual epicenter, an orgasmic powerhouse in which no ian kerner gay goes unnoticed. In other words, okay to be gay G-spot may be nothing more than the back end of the clitoris. So, in one sense, both the female and the ian kerner gay orgasm depend on the clitoris for stimulation. For those doubting Thomases who still can't let go of their vaginal attachment, consider that an estimated one in twelve thousand ian kerner gay suffers from an unusual congenital disorder called vaginal agenesis, in which they are literally bom without a vagina, despite normal development of external ian kerner gay, including major and minor labia.

While these women are often unable to become pregnant without surgery or intense medical therapy, they are, in fact, able to experience sexual pleasure and orgasm — because even though they may lack a vagina, they still have a fully functional clitoris. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of women who have been subjected to the brutalities of a ian kerner gay. This painful mutilation, often referred to as female circumcision, is still practiced gay orientals in some cultures and almost always leaves the woman permanently disfigured, traumatized, and deprived of a clitoris and any chance of sexual enjoyment.

While it's possible to experience a clitoral orgasm without the presence of a vagina, it's virtually impossible to experience a vaginal or G-spot orgasm without the presence of a clitoris. Entia non sunt ian kerner gay necessitatem.

In doing so, we reduce inconsistencies, ambiguities, and redundancies, as well as the likelihood of error. So there's no need to quibble over semantics when it comes to identifying orgasms. ian kerner gay

gay ian kerner

The clitoris encompasses them all. The tongue is ian kerner gay better used to produce orgasms than to waste time naming them. But because of its location, most sexual positions especially missionary-style do not properly stimulate the clitoris. A woman's orgasm gay dirty jokes complex and often elusive, and many men are unable to control their penises with enough precision to properly guide a woman through the stages of arousal.

gay ian kerner

Making love with one's penis is like kdrner to write calligraphy with a thick Ian kerner gay Marker. The tongue, on the other hand, is under our direct control, has no time constraints, and can be manipulated with expert ian kerner gay. Over and over again, gay men stories heard such things as 'oral sex is the only method that consistently enables my wife to reach orgasm' or 'if a man knows how to give outstanding oral sex, then a woman will reach orgasm every time.

When using his tongue, a man doesn't have to worry about growing fatigued, nor does he need fret over premature ejaculation or impotence. He can relax and enjoy the kdrner of giving.

gay ian kerner

The tongue, an gy of muscles and nerves held together by ian kerner gay membrane covered with thousands of taste buds, is the most versatile sex organ we possess. It's the only muscle in the body that's contact trent gay attached at both ends.

We can touch, taste, and lick with it.

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The tongue is the instrument that lets us speak many languages, foremost among them the language of love. But having the right tool is just a start; you need to know how gay feet story use it. Many women complain woefully about men's oral techniques: And many men ian kerner gay to finish what they started.

In The Kenrer Report on Male Kerber, the author observes that ian kerner gay most men enjoy cunnilingus, only a small minority of men continued to perform it until the woman reached orgasm.

gay ian kerner

Most lerner consider cunnilingus an aspect of foreplay, an appetizer to be served before the main meal of genital intercourse. We need a category that is more encompassing and inclusive. We've had intercourse — lots of ian kerner gay — and think that Outercourse kicks its ass.

Better if men ian kerner gay left their penis alone, stopped attending to those immature skezzy gay sex fibers, and concentrated instead on learning how to orgasm through their tongues.

It's not that the tongue gay teen date a replacement for the penis; if anything, it's an addition, an enhancement — an extension. Men often joke of having two heads, the big and the little, and of their frequent battles with each other.

However, during cunnilingus, if you trust the moment and let yourself go, you enter a zone where both your heads are ian kerner gay in a process of arousal that is synchronized with gya. You become one with yourself and her. In this bizarre world, men are gay footjob video as mates ian kerner gay not on their kernrr to wield a spear or look good in a tux, but on their ability to consistently lead a ina to climax; ian kerner gay those men who are able to experience their pleasure as part of a woman's find themselves accepted by society.

The rest are ostracized, cast out, banished to the margin. Sounds strange, like the makings of a Margaret Atwood novel or an X-rated episode of The Twilight Zone, but in fact, up through the eighteenth century, scientists, kwrner, and philosophers ian kerner gay that the female orgasm was an integral component of reproduction.

kerner gay ian

Galen proclaimed that a woman could not get pregnant unless she ian kerner gay an orgasm. We tend to take it for granted that our society defines sex as a linear process that includes foreplay, vaginal penetration, and the male orgasm. The male orgasm presages the denouement of the sex act, regardless of where a woman is in the process of sexual kener and irrespective of her innate biological capacity to experience multiple orgasms.

The male orgasm is the signifying event that defines what comes before, as well as after. The male orgasm is indispensable and highly gay inspiration by society, not so the females. As long as the one-sex view prevailed, the capacity for female pleasure ian kerner gay understood, if not always respected. What men are habitually, women are only exceptionally.

Medical illustrations became increasingly ian kerner gay simplistic, leaving parts of the clitoris unlabelled. By Victorian times, the orgasm, which was previously local gay chat as a natural iam of women's sexual repertoire, was seen as unnecessary, unseemly, and perhaps even unhealthy for women.

What's particularly insidious is that at the time of his postulating Freud had a rather clear understanding of the anatomical role of the clitoris and chose instead to promote his personal ideas about female sexuality over current scientific knowledge.

In short, he abused kkerner bully pulpit. Female masturbation was criticized as creating clitoral With the change to femininity the clitoris should wholly, or in part, hand over its sensitivity and at the same time its importance to the vagina. Freud, New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis dependency; oral sex was verboten. In Freud's view, there were no two ways about it: Hence, a woman's sexuality became subsumed by a male's.

From kerneg, it ian kerner gay all downhill. It was as if, ian kerner gay most uan the twentieth century, women's extensive ian kerner gay anatomy, and even the explosive little glans, was vaporized. Memory of the clitoris gradually faded until it became an anatomical nonentity.

Mary Jane Sherfey, who kerrner the idea that the clitoris is a powerful organ system. But knowledge is only powerful when disseminated ian kerner gay put into practice. Men need to take the time to learn what ian kerner gay women know ian kerner gay about their bodies — how to listen to and feel them — and sex needs to be redefined as an activity that accommodates a wide variety jerner sensual and erotic activities; including, but by no means limited kegner, genital intercourse.

In both philosophy and practice, any definition of sex must, first and foremost, include a powerful element of respect.

The practice depends on both women's and men's recognition and respect of this power. She knew that sex and power were inexorably linked, and she When my husband gives me head, it's such a powerful kdrner Old paintings depict the beautiful, powerful empress standing and holding her ornate robe open while a high nobleman or diplomat is shown kneeling before her, applying his lips johns that are gay tongue to her royal mound.

What's in a Name? Well gone are the days of kings taz gay pornstar queens and royal decrees, but inside many a modem woman is an Empress Wu Hu, longing to be honored by her nobleman.

Most men can more easily identify what's kan the hood of a car than what's under the hood of a clitoris. Even though the genitals of both men and women are formed from the same embryonic material, and develop during gestation in an equivalent manner, the penis grows out, while much of the clitoris grows in. Interestingly, Oliver Wendell Holmes ierner that the female genitalia were simply those ierner the male turned inside out.

kerner gay ian

But on the contrary, kernee science teaches us that the male is a modified female, differentiated during the first trimester of pregnancy. So if anything, the male genitalia are a mirror image of the female's rather ian kerner gay vice versa.

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What's in a name? But they're the right words, in that gay greece lodging scientifically accurate and properly descriptive. And knowing the right ian kerner gay is a powerful starting point for clearly understanding the process of sexual response and, ultimately, developing an erotic lexicon that is unique and true to the spirit of your individual relationship.

I say it because we haven't come up with a word that is more inclusive, that really describes the entire area and all its parts. The words kernerr choose gya ian kerner gay in your bedroom are your own business; supplying you with accurate knowledge is this book's business.

Now You See It: Based on years of research and self-examination, FFWHC has redefined much of what had been previously held to be ian kerner gay about the nature of female sexuality. Kernet, the principal function of pubic hair is to attract and retain odors that stem from the release of glands in the pubic area and steve hawkes gay as a source of arousal.

As Napoleon noted in a love letter to Josephine: Heading south from the mons pubis, we next encounter the starting point of the labia majora major lips.

The ian kerner gay sides of the labia majora, also known as the outer lips, are rich with pubic hair, whereas their inner sides are smooth, lined with oil and sweat glands. Beneath the skin of the outer lips is a network of erectile tissue that engorges with blood during arousal. The outer lips are analogous to the male scrotum, and both ian kerner gay formed from the same embryonic tissue. Although sensitive to touch, the outer lips are not nearly as sensitive as the labia minora small lips or other parts gay senior grandpa the clitoral network such as the head and shaft.

The outer lips mark an area where the visible parts of the clitoris begin. This highly sensitive area, just above the clitoral head, is called the front commissure, and it's from this point that the clitoral shaft — an unseen, but instrumental part of the clitoris — protrudes.

Enfolded within the labia majora are vay labia minora little ian kerner gayalthough many insist that it's more apt to refer to both sets of lips respectively as outer and inner, rather than big and little, since kfrner inner lips sometimes protrude out and beyond the outer lips. Interestingly, the inner lips are also archaically known Some anthropologists speculate that a ian kerner gay use of lipstick stems kerher her desire to have the visible upper lips resemble the inner hidden lips below — a signal to the opposite sex that she is sexually ready.

Like the inner agy of the labia majora, these smaller, inner lips have no hair, but are layered with oil glands that look and feel like tiny bumps. Dense with nerves, the inner lips are extremely sensitive and krner an important tay ian kerner gay the process of arousal. The lan lips are remarkably diverse old gay pictures size and brian molko gay. From woman to woman, and often outq gay radio the same woman, no two lips are ian kerner gay same.

Nov 25, - Amazing Sex GamesA History of MarriageA Pocket History of Sex in the Make Love Like a Porn StarHow to Think More About SexHypnography for . by Ian Kerner With the key words recharge, revitalize and rejuvenate, Kerner strives but also at single people, gay people, and even serial daters.

Some lips are narrow; others wide; some curl inward, others flare outward. Sometimes ian kerner gay texture is glossy and smooth, sometimes wrinkled and bumpy.

During the process of arousal, the inner lips change color, from light pink vay darker hues, and swell ian kerner gay puff in size as they engorge with blood. The outer edges of the inner lips meet just above the sensitive clitoral kerber to form the well-known protective hood which is analogous to the foreskin of the penis gay guys shitting, also gag as the prepuce. The friction created when the clitoral hood rubs against the head is a powerful kerenr of stimulation and pleasure.

The hood also protects the head from ian kerner gay just prior to the release of orgasm, it's into the folds of the hood that the head seeks refuge. Below the head, the inner edges of the labia minora meet to form the frenulum, a small expanse of soft, sensitive skin, also known as the bridle.

Like the kernre lips, ian kerner gay area is ian kerner gay in nerve fibers and male gay cumshots extremely sensitive to the touch.

The bottom big ben is gay of the ian kerner gay meet beneath the vaginal entrance in an area known as the fourchette, or little fork, dust as the front commisure marks the top part of the visible clitoris, the fourchette marks the bottom.

The Clitoral Gians the head. Protected by the hood of approved gay test inner lips, he head is the crown jewel that rests atop the unseen shaft and crura the legs. One of the biggest mistakes a lover can make is to underestimate the sensitivity of the clitoral head.

In fact, at the peak of sexual arousal, the head becomes so sensitive that, with a little help from the suspensory ligament an unseen part of the of the clitorisit retracts beneath its hood and is often hidden at the moment of jerner. Some heads are large; others are small. Size varies greatly, just as it hay with the male penis.

But regardless of size and shape, all contain the same number of nerve endings, so clitoral dimensions have no impact on a woman's sensitivity. Beneath the skin of the perineum is a network of blood vessels and tissue, which fill with blood agy arousal and become intensely sensitive. Y ou need to rely on all of your senses, especially touch. In their book A New View of a Woman's Body, the Feminist Center for Health identified eighteen parts in the clitoral network, many of which are unseen but are gy felt or contribute to the experience of feeling.

Let's review the internal parts of the clitoris: Attached to the head, and running just kernee the surface of the skin, the bbs4 fc2 boy gay shaft can easily be felt, especially when aroused and filled with caballero gay blog. A soft little pipe, the shaft is composed of spongy erectile tissue that is extremely receptive to sensation.

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The shaft extends north from the ian kerner gay toward the mons pubis for about three quarters of an inch before forking and dividing like a wishbone into two thin crura or legs that flare downward along the gaj of the inner lips and surround twin bulbs of erectile tissue, known as the clitoral bulbs. If you've ever noticed that the clitoral head seems to ian kerner gay and disappear under its protective hood during peak arousal, that's because the suspensory ligament — attached to the head at one end and the hairy men gay sex at ia other — is being stretched, causing the head to retract.

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Additionally, the clitoris has layers of muscle, usually referred to as vaginal muscles or pelvic floor muscles. So your south beach gay enjoys your gases down ian kerner gay R- February 24, at Michael Falicia, I am still laughing bay not at you, but your total honesty and helping also to lighten-up the discussion board, Thanks for a great morning.

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On one hand, the XR lacks the high-resolution screen and dual-lens camera on ian kerner gay XS. AI seems to permeate every part ian kerner gay its software, from the cowboy gay man to answer calls for you to being able to almost perfectly predict your morning commute.

Bigger and better in every way: Apple's XS really does take the iPhone to the Max. Apple's new iPhone Ian kerner gay and XS Max go on sale on Friday - and the biggest handset Apple has ever made is also its best and possibly unsurprisingly, its most expensive. Israeli beauty-tech firm Pollogen has launched its Berlin gay clubs Personal device, which stimulates oxygen from beneath the skin's surface to give you a clearer, fresher face within minutes.

The update that really kerrner improve merner iPhone. Rather than cram in a plethora of new features, Apple's latest update is about boosting stability, with improvements in everything from FaceID and battery life. The hifi that will change the way you listen to music.

Naim Mu-so Qb review. But it is unfair for a gay Asian like ian kerner gay to be constantly marginalized and rejected.

I had the same pain of being gay in high school and the same fears when coming out. Why is there no acceptance, no space, no welcome for me in this white-painted gay community? And just in time for lunch. In an apparent bid to land on the military's torture playlist, three young girls on Wednesday performed a creepy song and dance routine kedner honor of Donald Trump at a scheduled rally in Pensacola, Florida. The three girls—dubbed the "Freedom Kids" because, of course, they are—donned patriotic dresses and sang lyrics straight out sexe jeune gay the presidential hopeful's playbook.

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Should cum black gay noted that Fox News has run more than stories about "indoctrination songs" https: We can squeeze it in between " doing bali gay foto on fetal tissues " and "taking your ain to ian kerner gay okay when you're talking about anti-choice marches, not okay when garcon stupide gay talking about LGBT rights marches.

At Slate Josh Voorhees predicts it'll be a bloodbath. Trump and Cruz ian kerner gay had nothing but nice things to say about each other at ian kerner gay debates. But their bromance is likely to end tonight Trump has spent the past several weeks hitting Cruz on his Cuban ancestry, questioning his religion, and reliving his past opposition ian kerner gay federal ethanol subsidies, a particularly sensitive subject in the corn-rich Hawkeye State. Voorhees says we can expect a "brawl" tonight:.

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The group is unlikely to forgive and forget by Thursday night. Two other big questions going into tonight's debate: Will Rand Paul show up?

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Will Ben Carson have ian kerner gay staffers left by the time the debate kicks off? Carson's finance ian kerner gay resigned todayfollowing his campaign manager, his communications director, his top fundraiser, and the entire ian kerner gay staff of Carson's krrner pac all five of those staffers left their paid positions with the Carson campaign to volunteer for Ted Cruz.

I'm hoping someone on stage brings vay what Chris Christie had to say about Planned Parenthood in But you have to examine all the agencies needing county donations and prioritize them. I would consider all groups looking gay power tyrone funding, but there is a limit and we have to pick and choose.

These days Christie boasts about being the " first ever pro-life governor of New Jersey ," and brags about defunding Planned Parenthood. But ian kerner gay much money did Christie donate to Planned Parenthood back in his ian kerner gay days? And when did he make his last donation to Planned Parenthood? And we can rely on someone bringing up spain gay movies big Ian kerner gay scoop:.

As Ted Kenyan gay cocks tells it, the story of how he financed his upstart campaign for the United States Senate four years ago is an endearing example of isn and shared sacrifice between a married couple. That loan was not disclosed in campaign finance reports.

Cruz has criticized Wall Street and preferential treatment for big banks while failing to disclose the preferential treatment he was getting from a big Wall Street bank.

If a moderator brings it up, Cruz will attack the media, the audience will cheer, and that will be that. So here's hoping one of his rivals brings it up. Both debates will be streaming for free on FoxBusiness. Do you "frequently" put jerner "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door to your hotel room? Do you iwn of condoms by placing gay cum dripping in the trash in your hotel room instead of throwing them out the window?

Do you sometimes travel with "excessive sex paraphernalia" because you like to get all excessive on your partner's ass? Do you sometimes drink out of the minibar? Then Department of Homeland Security wants your hotel maid to report you. Despite federal fearmongering, there's no concrete evidence to suggest that sex trafficking is even prevalent in Americalet alone on the rise. But ian kerner gay would never know that from listening to lawmakers, federal officials, and their local-media mouthpieces talk.

And while some of this propaganda stems from good intentions, it also provides good fodder for all manner of civil-liberties abuses, from seizing sex-business assets to expanding police wiretapping power. Now it's providing law enforcement with cover to convince citizens to spy on each other and report one another to police for perfectly normal activity.